Monday 22 November 2010

Are you looking for the ways to manage your finances? Well, you can do it effectively by creating a monthly budget planner. By means of free monthly budget worksheets, you can manage your finances to the extent satisfying the needs of your family members and managing to invest some for your future, as well. These sheets are versatile, easy to use and printable.

Today, Internet and technological advancement has eased our life to a great extent. Various software applications allow us to accomplish an assortment of tasks in quickly and simply. If you have a laptop or PC, then you can download free management software's, which will aid you to design free printable monthly budget planner worksheets.

While designing your budget planner worksheets, you should focus on the core categories that include:
- Total monthly gross earnings
- Monthly debts
- Monthly accommodation expenses
- Monthly family expenses
- Monthly travel and vehicle expenses
- Miscellaneous expenses
- Total net monthly income

Household expenses will cover mortgage or rent, casualty and property, taxes, payments, household repair and utilities. Automotive expenses comprise of gasoline or petrol expenditure, car loans, auto insurance, repair and maintenance etc.

Miscellaneous expenses will include different categories like:
- school or childcare,
- clothing,
- family entertainment- magazines, newspaper, cable, videos
- vet, medical
- association dues or memberships
- life insurance and investments
- gifts, vacation

Now, you are ready with the sheet. At the top of monthly budget planner, there will be a figure, indicating the total monthly income. Sum up all the expenses for each category. This will be your monthly expenditure. Now by subtracting this amount from your earnings, it will give your net revenue balance.

There are several benefits of using a free monthly budget planner. You can create it very easily. Definitely, it eases your task to manage your finances for the entire month and gradually for the year, as well. It is essential to see that your expenditure will be less than the earnings. By just having a glance at the sheet, you can determine areas where you can save, as well as the areas that occupy highest expenditure, etc. Based on this monthly budget planner, one can make suitable variations in their expenditure as well as think of ways to boost their monthly revenue.

Successful budgeting techniques start with your personal budgeting goal. Budgeting does not mean that you are going to deprive from all the fun. Good budgeting is less stress,if you are interested to know more about different budgeting techniques. Free information -


Tips on How to Save Money When Shopping

Wednesday 14 April 2010

Shopping is very addictive. Most of the time, the household budget is sacrificed once you go shopping. Shopping should not give you headaches as long as you know how to budget. Here are the things that you need to remember:

1.    Always remember to spend your money wisely whenever you go shopping. Bring only the exact amount of money you need in buying your items. To ensure that you only buy the important things, you have to make a list of the items that you need to buy. You may then budget your money wisely and will prevent you from buying things that are not that important.

2.    It is advisable that you compare prices from different stores before buying an item. Do not limit yourself to just one store. There are stores that offer the same quality but can have a lower price. A smart thing you may do is to be attentive to the prices of the items that you buy regularly when shopping. There are instances that a store has an untimely changing of prices on different items.

3.    It is recommended that you do your shopping during the end of the season. Prices of many items, especially clothes, are very low and affordable during this time of the year. You may buy clothes in the months of August and September if you are looking for bargain clothes for your summer wear.

4.    You may shop in dollar stores where you can find items that are on sale and where prices are low. Although the quality of some items is not the same when you buy in malls and shopping galleries but the merchandises are still new and not yet used. These stores can provide you the best prices that can cope with on your budget.

5.    Another way to save money while shopping is to economize the travel you make in finding the stores you want to buy an item. You may take a stop on your daily route to check if the items you buy regularly have not changed their prices or are still in the price of your budget. You may purchase the item even before you do your shopping schedule. This can save you fuel and time.

6.     Try to find discount stores that offer quality items that have discounts and can offer a very affordable price on your desired item. The prices on discount stores may vary depending on the season of the year. These stores can be located in large shopping areas like in malls and shopping galleries.


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